Over That Cool Phase

I used to long for a group of friends that all hung out with each other and I could always run to whenever I was feeling crummy or nap with whenever I felt like it. It just seemed, I don’t know, pretty cool to feel secure in a group of friends where you know for certain that you’re welcome. But when I am being invited to be with acquaintances, I feel like a huge outsider because my interests don’t align with theirs… Or anything really. My sense of humor, what I find to be news, my music, shows, etc. With that all different there wasn’t really much I could talk about with them.

It bugged me a little that most of my friends went to a different school and that they didn’t all hang out with each other. So whenever I’m with friends, it’s mainly a one to one type of thing.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like this, maybe it’s a pisces thing because I read it on my horoscope before, but I absolutely hate when people feel bad for me. My best friend that does go to my school told me before that she felt bad that I didn’t hang out with a group of friends after school (our relationship is super weird, we don’t hang out at school but we’re best friends. I think it’s just because her other friends are really intimidating). That’s when I realized I didn’t want to look like a loner weirdo.

That isn’t really what I wanted though. Even when I’m invited to be with people, I’m not that happy. So what’s the point in having a group of friends?

I think I’ve learned to be content with my weird, scattered friendship with the people I love the most. The whole group of friends thing passed me and I don’t really care if I’m a loner weirdo. I’m just happy I’m able to connect with people who are really cool and have the same viewpoint as I do. The coolest thing is connecting with someone who looks at the world the same way you do.


One thought on “Over That Cool Phase

  1. mrstomjones says:

    I guess we watch films and television shows and, I don’t know about other people, we envision this fantasy where with every life/school, always comes with those group of friends (clique) who are there with you thick and thin-though that may not the total case in reality.
    It is difficult to find one true friend–nonetheless a whole group. And, I agree, while it would be great to have your true friends come together and unite as one, ultimate, power circle, I’m glad you’ve accepted your “scattered group of friendships.”
    It’s definitely not just a Pisces thing, haha
    It’s a Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Virgo, everyone’s thing! I’m sure lots can relate 🙂


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